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Cast 1st African American Spokeswoman for Viagra Commercial

What do you do when you get a late night call (Thursday) to participate as of the Atlanta base casting company to recruit for the first African American woman to represent their client's product? Of course, we'll take the project! Surely, we will at least have one week--sure we can handle that!

Well, unknowingly, the Advertising agency was hosting a national casting call around various U.S. cities on Friday...the day after we received the call. Ok, sure we can handle that--right? OMG was my response as the CD/Recruiter. But, my production crew said "no problem CJ." We got the studio, cameras, mics, etc. ready for the next day and off we were. We spent an endless evening calling agents, posting notices, emailing members of our Talent Database, and looking over 200+ submissions. Finally, narrowing down the selections, we started emailing the script and confirming audition appointments. Tired, no sleep and no lunch, I thought I would scream if I heard one more time, "Ask your doctor if the power of Viagra is right for you." After reviewing tapes, photos and preparing Quicktime files, we sent our picks through our new client private online viewing site straight to the Producers. Technology!

We had the honor to audition some of Atlanta's most famous and talented women. Not to mention that one of our picks made the A-list and we wish her our best! Remember Talents, Casting Directors appreciate your gift and want to see you get the role, so bring your A-game to the audition. When you look good and perform a blockbluster audition, CDs look good as well.

So, will we do it again? YES, we will most definitely! We will do it again...again and again and again....CASTING!

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