About Carolyn Jenkins 

From the commercial & film industry to the corporate sector, CAROLYN JENKINS is a sought after freelance Casting Producer, Casting Director and Talent Recruiter. She manages your casting project from development to production.  

Carolyn provides cost effective casting management services through 
scouting, recruiting and talent placement for corporate, production and media companies seeking Talent. She has a knack for putting together packages of talent that produced box office blockbusters!


With over 10 years combined experience in Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Production, Casting and Recruitment, Carolyn and her Team's mission is to build pools of pre-screened and professional ready-to-work Talents. The Team uses their creative skills and partners with the decision makers to strategically plan, recruit and CAST Talent.

Carolyn Jenkins has built alliances with various Talent agencies, Talent managers, celebrities, and other industry professionals to assure YOU the best quality Talent and service; saving you the hassle of casting as well as time and money.  But above all, CAROLYN JENKINS has uncompromising work ethics, experience in recruiting Talent, creative, and she is an unique Casting Director/Producer with an outstanding "EYE FOR TALENT!