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Casting 2 Lead Roles for Short Film in TN


Southern Adventist University Production Short Film

Start Date: 03/10/2022, 03/11/2022, 03/12/2022, 03/13/2022

Rate of Pay: $100/Day.

Location: Chattanooga, TN / Birmingham, AL

Auditions: Self Tape


EMAIL: Resume, headshot and demo reel to

SUBJECT LINE: Name of Role submitting

DEADLINE: 02/18/2022

MUST BE WILLING TO WORK AS LOCAL HIRE IN Chattanooga, TN. Talent must have availability during the shoot schedule and self-report (no travel or lodging accommodations). One-day travel and lodging for child role (Thief) only in Birmingham, AL).

COVID GUIDELINES: All Actors must be fully vaccinated and production will test with a kit on set. Actors are required to wear a mask when they are not shooting on set.


Storyline: When a gutter rat stumbles across the lair of a local cryptid, he must gamble for the right to leave unscathed.

[QUILTER] 30 to 70 years old, white male. An outcast from society who plays by his own rules, the Quilter has embraced his reputation as somewhat of a local bogeyman. He guards his treasures closely, and finds amusement in scaring trespassers who venture into his territory. Though he can be a deadly enemy, he is not impossible to bargain with, as long as you play by his rules. (Lead, 2-day shoot 3/10-3/11 in Chattanooga, TN)

[THIEF] 12 to 18 years old, Black, Mixed Ethnicity, white male. A child of misfortune, the Thief will do whatever it takes to survive. He's wary and untrusting, quick on his feet and even quicker to take advantage of an opportune circumstance. While his life on the streets has made him very guarded, he hasn't forgotten what it's like to feel the love of a mother. (Lead, 3-day shoot, (2-day shoot in Chattanooga and 1-day allotted for travel (3/12) to Birmingham, AL for 1-day shoot 3/13)

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