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Casting Actors, Singers and Dancers for the upcoming The Ortega Show “The Musical Stage Production,” Directed by one of Hollywood’s award winning Director and Producer, K.C. Amos of Colored Wind Productions, LLC and written and produced by Keylun Johnson (Executive Producer/Playwright/Creator of The Ortega’s), and founder of Kapture 7 Entertainment. 2 shows August 26. 2017, Atlanta, GA

The Ortega’s musical project is loosely based on the lives of Karsi, Kloee, and Karlian Cruz Ortega…being the first generation of an immigrant father.


Layla Ortega: African American attractive female, mother of Sylvester, Sasha, Lucy, and wife of Pierre Ortega. Layla is a boogie acting, sophisticated marriage counselor. Overly dramatic with a comedic appeal. Must have strong singing abilities and some dancing skills. Age range (35-45) $150 per show

Pierre Ortega: White Hispanic attractive Argentinian male, father of Sylvester, Lucy, Sasha, and husband of Layla Ortega. Pierre is an OB/GYN medical doctor and delivering babies is his specialty. Treasures family values with a quirky, goofy side. Must have some singing and dancing abilities. Age range (35-45) Must be able to do an Argentinian accent. $150 per show

Carla Ortega: Hispanic female (Age 14-17) The cousins of The Ortega Kids and niece of Pierre. After discovering the dark side of the heavy metal music of the goth world, Carla is in the mist of finding her true interests as a teen. Dark hair, goth appearance, low key, wannabe rock star…Must sing and dance. $150 per show

Maria Ortega: Hispanic Female (age range 60-85) middle to older aged, super boogie-acting grandmother of The Ortega Kids and Carla, mother of Pierre. At times, she bump heads with Layla. Loves talking and bragging. Very comedic and full of energy. Appears innocent but are always guilty. $150 per show

Addition Characters

Woman/Belinda Role: Caucasian female between the ages of 25-50, very emotionally trying to save her marriage. /Belinda: Caucasian between the ages of 65 and above, elder who dislikes Maria Ortega. Snobby attitude.$150 per show

Man: Caucasian between the ages of 25-45, laidback and loud snoring machine. Very caring. Married to WOMAN character.

5 Dancers of All Ethnicities…strong dancing and singing abilities. Quick learners of all ages. Homeschooled students under the age of 18 preferred. If over 18, must appear as teens. Must be able to portray 3 elders also.


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